Hi everyone! When I was in high school I started working for Albertsons as a bag boy. When graduated from Mountain Home High School, I went to CSI for 2 years. I wanted to reinforce my vocation for art. I kept working for Albertsons in the graveyard shift with the freight crew. Then I made the decision to study at the Seattle Art Institute and keep working for Albertsons. I got my Visual Communications Associate Degree in 1996. The same year I got married in Seattle and lived there for 10 more years. From 1996 to 1998, I worked at the Albertsons Division Office as a Production Artist. I started working with painting companies from 1998 to 2000. On 2000 I decided to move back to Idaho and start my own painting business, doing murals, residential and commercial painting. Due to the real state crisis on 2011, my painting business shut down and I had to close it that same year. On December 2011 I started another company, called Quickwrapz and basically it's a graphic design and printing company. At the same time I was starting Quickwrapz my family life was crashing, I got divorced and went to bankruptcy, basically lost everything. Last year I decided to start over and got employed at the Mountain Home Auto Ranch as Internet Marketing and Social Media Person but they also bought my Quickwrapz business and turned it into AR Wraps, so I also design and print wide format prints. I got married again and decided to start a brand new life. As part of this new life, I decided to get my Bachelor Degree to become a better professional and be a better person. 

My passion is to be passionate, innovative and creative. I love entrepreneurship, technology and art.
Randy Miller

https://randy-miller.squarespace.com  Click here to learn more about me. Past and future businesses and projects. Murals - public art - Ideas - Help others and more.

My wife Judy

My wife Judy

I'm a very open person. I'll tell you what I think and I don't care if people follow me or not. I'm enjoying my life. 

My Family.  Wife is Judy.  Kids names are Riley, David, Austin, Lusy , Sofia, Marlaina.

Loving life and family

Yes I live in Idaho. Life is not so hard here and we can enjoy more time together. The people are more down to earth, that's why when you talk will me, I'll treat you like a friend.

I love my family and I enjoy doing things with them. We love travel and see new things. Yes I'm goofy in life but very serious in what I do.  

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