Castle Door wraps

Do you love castle doors? Pick your favorite door wrap and install it on your house or office doors. We print on high-quality materials. Vinyl, low-tack vinyl and reusable Photo Tex material. 

These are only some door wraps, I can make more for you. We are adding more every week, so visit us from time to time. 

Castle Door wrap store link  - Learn more about the materials we are using on your doors.

Here some castle door wraps

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from 90.00
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Refrigerator or door wraps dramatically change the look and decor of your kitchen, home or office. Door Wraps are made of 3M or Oracal vinyl, making them very quick and easy to install. We only print on HIGH quality air-release vinyl. 

I can make a custom Refrigerator wrap, just let me know what you like to see.

Tools you'll need:

Squeegee, heat gun or blow dryer, razor, and clean paper towel.

How to Install a door wrap from Randy Miller Rm wraps
1. Take the door knob or handle off. 
2. Clean the door with rubbing alcohol. Clean the edges good. 
3. Take the paper backing down 4-6 inches.
4. Tack the vinyl corner of the printed image to the corners of the door.
5. Move it where you want it.
6. Press the vinyl down.
7. Start pulling the paper backing down every 10 inches.

8. Press down and Go left to right (repeat 7).
9. Take your time working it down.
10. Cut the extra vinyl off around the edges and door knob.
11. Last just clean the door wrap with water and your done.