Custom service at Rm wraps

At Rm wraps we thrive on Customer Service, Trust, Great Communication, Learning, Transparency, Easy to contact us. 

Here's a few things we do for you. 

Communication: Everything is done by email. All record. Calling the customer before starting the project. Making videos and take pictures before and after. If something comes up, we will tell you. 

Contacting: Rm wraps: Number, texting, email, chat line, Video calling

Transparency: Showing you how to install, tools to use, telling you how's the project is going, what we can do and not do. 

Always Learning: new techniques and sharing them, growing the business, new tools, new products coming out

Trust: Using the the right material for the right surfaces. Pricing the products right. Telling you will be there on time. If we make a mistake, we will take care of it ASAP. FREE  ( print is short, cut, damaged, wrong color, a hair in the print, misspelled, etc. )


Custom designs. Mini Fridge, Door wrap, Refrigerator wrap

Full service: Install Mini Fridge service

Make a buy button for you. 

Once you order, you should the wraps in a week.


Google Drive: Installing, big orders, ordering more product in the future. 

Customer or business gets its own google folder. Everything will be in the folder. Graphic designs, Images, videos, invoices, notes. 


If you have a project you like done. We can make it work. 

Custom Wraps Service

Rm wraps can design something for you or you can send the file to Rm wraps. 

We take pictures and videos before shipping to the customer. We want to show the customer everything we do for them. 

Make a custom buy button and email you the link. The customer can order anytime they want. 

Email the customer the link on youtube, put the videos, pictures, invoice in there own google folder. They will have access to the folder anytime. 

Having trouble with wrap? Rm wraps will figure it out and make a video to show you how it do. 


Pool table trim wrap. Rob was using Di-noc and it was coming up where red fabric is. It happen when he tighten the trim to the Fabric trim. 


I see- Laying the Di-noc in the groove, then installing the cloth into the groove, then finishing the Di-noc installation.

This is technically possible possible and would probably do the trick, but probably will be a little awkward.