Full Service Mini Fridge Package

What a full service is Rm wraps buys the Mini Fridge, designs, prints the vinyl out, installs the wrap and ships it to you or the customer. 

These are the step Rm wraps will take

  1. Rm wraps needs to know what brand of mini fridges you want to use. List is half way down the webpage.

  2. Do you have the graphic or do you need help designing / set up. Template to download here.

  3. How many units do you want done and what time frame do you want them done? You can do 1 unit and up.

  4. You can email us at rmwraps@gmail.com

  • Once Rm wraps gets the images, logo, background, Etc. Rm wraps will email you the design, then show you want it may look like.

  • Make your webpage buy button. RM wraps will send you a link. When you are ready to order, you can see what you are getting.

  • Solid door Mini Fridge Sample page https://rmwraps.squarespace.com/full-service-mini-package/john-smith

  • Rm wraps will make a video of the wrapping or when it done and take pictures. Email the link on Youtube to watch it or do a live Facebook video. When you are happy with the jobs, Rm wraps will ship the mini fridge.

List of average prices for these Mini fridge Full service.

  1. Avantco SC-40 Black Countertop Display Refrigerator with Swing Door. https://rmwraps.squarespace.com/full-service-mini-package/avantco-sc-40-countertop-display

  2. EdgeStar BWC70SS 62-Can Beverage Cooler - Stainless Steel https://rmwraps.squarespace.com/full-service-mini-package/edgestar-bwc70ss-62-can-beverage-cooler-wrap

  3. Norpole countertop merchandiser https://rmwraps.squarespace.com/full-service-mini-package/norpole-25-cu-ft-countertop-merchandiser-wrap

  4. Excellence SC-22 White Countertop Display Refrigerator with Swing Door - 0.7 cu. ft. https://rmwraps.squarespace.com/full-service-mini-package/excellence-sc-22-white-countertop-display-refrigerator-with-swing-door-07-cu-ft-wrap

  5. Insignia™ - 115-Can Beverage Cooler https://rmwraps.squarespace.com/full-service-mini-package/g-fuel-mini-fridge-with-glass-door-rm-wraps-9yknp

  6. Insignia™ - 48-Can Beverage Cooler https://rmwraps.squarespace.com/full-service-mini-package/perrier-mini-fridge-wrap-ydl8s

Rm wraps does Live videos on the Youtube Channel, to show the customers the way we wrap. Here’s a video playlist. Click on the top left corner on the video, to see more of our projects.

Here’s a quick video list on walking around the wrapped display fridges. Click on the top left corner on the video, to see more of our projects.

Sample: Add links in the Description box on youtube

Sample: Add links in the Description box on youtube

Plus on Rm wraps Youtube videos, we can in the Description box, all your links and info. Google love that. It helps both business out.

When we get done with the order, we will take video and pictures before shipping the product. Here's one sample to watch. 

Bonjoro: An email video program  https://bonjoro.tapfiliate.com/programs/bonjoro-affiliate-program/signup/

This apps helps the Rm wraps business stand out from the rest of the businesses. Bonjoro Personalise your customer onboarding Bonjoro helps you convert and retain more customers through personal video. Delight your customers from day one You only have a few moments to delight new customers. Create a human connection by sending a personal onboarding video right to your customer’s inbox. Keep more customers Make your customers feel like more than just a number. Elevate your relationships, show customers some love, and give them a reason to stick around. Personal IS Scalable Sending a video is more powerful and often faster than crafting an individual email. Connect Bonjoro to your existing CRM and send personalized videos to the right customers, at the right time.

We get average 94% open rate and 75% view rate.

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