Wrapping tools and materials to use.

BodyGuard Knife



BodyGuard Knife - TwinTeflon



WrapSlipCut MagicMaster



Primer 94 

Adhesion promoter is used to improve adhesion on an application surface. 3M™ Tape Primer 94 (solvent-based) - Drying time is 5 minutes at room temperature - Use only on edges and corners of substrate


Bonding primer

3M Di-Noc, Belbien, Lg Films on walls needs to be Level 5 Finish. "FLAT" Working on Drywall. 

Prime the drywalls/ MDO Board twice and let to dry for 2 weeks or more for the best contact. NOTE: you can wrap in a couple of days after priming but the gases can release the film from the wall. 


Breakaway knife



Heat guns


Check out http://yellotools.us  

Check out http://yellotools.us