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Bona Fide Appraisal & Umpire Services, Inc.


Julio Iriarte

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Down Payment

Julio Iriarte is paying for the flight and traveling cost. When Randy Miller gets done, Julio Iriarte will pay remainder. 

$1000 Flight - $500 travel fee both ways - $125 Hotel 2 nights for starting out.

The boat location is behind a house at:

2065 Ixora Rd

North Miami, FL 33181

Once Julio Iriarte pays online Randy will start the process of coming to the jobsite. 

$250 day travel fee one way

$520  8-hour labor day  

$650 10-hour labor day

$125 Hotel night cost

Car rentel or Uber ??

Customer pays for all the materials. 

Randy Miller is just installing the vinyl. Julio Iriarte has the vinyl. 

Everything will be recorded and put in Google drive folder that Randy Miller will share with Julio Iriarte. 

In the folder, there will be photos, videos, invoice and notes. If it's ok I would like to use the videos and photos on,, Facebook and Youtube.

Click here to see whats in the folder.