Welcome to Promotional Mini Fridges with wraps.

Rm wraps is offering to do all the work for you.

  1. Custom design mini fridge wrap
  2. Rm wraps will buy the mini fridge and wrap it for you
  3. Ship it to any of your stores, dorms room, office building, shops, hotel, motel, events

Call Randy 208-696-1180

These are the step Rm wraps will take

  • Once Rm wraps gets the images, logo, background, Etc. Rm wraps will email you the design, then show you want it may look like.
  • Make your webpage buy button. RM wraps will send you a link. When your ready to order, you can see what your getting. 
  • Rm wraps will make a video of the wrapping or when it done and take pictures. Email the link on Youtube to watch it or do a live Facebook video. When your happy with the jobs, Rm wraps will ship the mini fridge.

If you order a lot Rm wraps can travel to your area and install the wraps on the new or old mini fridges. 

Tell Rm wraps what your looking for and Rm wraps will give you a few designs to pick from. Here's some samples Rm wraps did for Amazon stores.

Order the mini fridge and ship it to  

RM wraps 9165 W. Chinden Suite 101,  Garden city  Idaho 83714

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