Sailboat Interior Wrap

In Whidbey Island

Recording Everything on the Job Site

Rm wraps Materials are at

Rm wraps records everything and puts it on Google Drive. The customer get their own google folder. They see all the photos, videos, and notes.

I don't smoke, drink or don't any drugs. Clean cut type of guy. :)

At the end of every day, I do a Bonjoro video.

Bonjoro: An email video program

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This apps helps the Rm wraps business stand out from the rest of the businesses. Bonjoro Personalize your customer on boarding Bonjoro helps you convert and retain more customers through personal video. Delight your customers from day one You only have a few moments to delight new customers. Create a human connection by sending a personal on boarding video right to your customer’s inbox. Keep more customers Make your customers feel like more than just a number. Elevate your relationships, show customers some love, and give them a reason to stick around. Personal IS Scalable Sending a video is more powerful and often faster than crafting an individual email. Connect Bonjoro to your existing CRM and send personalized videos to the right customers, at the right time. Custom refrigerator wraps, interior/exterior door wraps, cabinet wraps, elevator door wraps, commercial door wraps, office door wraps, and more.

How to wrap a Boat video

How to wrap a boat door video