Sunset Harbour Yacht Interior Wrap

Rm wraps will come to the yacht and work on it until it’s done. Rm wraps will travel anywhere in the world. It took 14 hard days to wrap this yacht. Randy Miller wrapped this yacht. The Yacht is in Miami Beach Florida. Done on February 2019. If you want to hire RM wraps Randy 208--696-1180, Face time 208-590-0813

Materials Rm wraps used on this project is

Belbien Rm wraps

Belbien Vinyl SW 127

Grayish Elm Super Real Wood - 13 yards

Di-Noc LE1226

3M DI-NOC™ LE 1226

Leather Gray - 2 Roll - 6 yards

Starting the installing job on Jan. 28 - Feb 11 th

Yacht Galley Cabinet Wrap

- Used Belbien Sw 127 Wood grain.

Before and after pictures

Master Bedroom

Used 3M Di-Noc LE 1226

After pictures

Before Pictures

Stairway to Master room

Stairway - Bow bedrooms and bathroom

Bedrooms and Bathrooms