Bull City Designs Wrapping Project

Bull city designs

Bull city designs

Rm wraps traveled to Durham North Carolina to do an installing job on some beams and arches. There will be 2 stages and this is the first one. Rm wraps is doing the beams first. 66” and 10’ beams.

Contact Rm wraps 208-696-1180 Rmwraps@gmail.com

Beam wraps, Rm wraps

Beam wraps, Rm wraps

sw 127, Belbien, White wood grain, rm wraps, Grayish Elm, Super Real Wood
sw 140, Belbien, Architectural Finishes, decorative surface finishes, Rm wraps, Wrapped beams
Belbien Rm wraps

Belbien Vinyl SW 127

Grayish Elm Super Real Wood

Belbien Rm wraps

Belbien Vinyl SW 140

Real Oak Super Real Wood

Every job Rm wraps does, we recorded everything. Rm wraps puts all the photos and videos in Google Photos. Use Google Doc to record, time, materials, location, etc. We also do videos for Youtube channel.

Wrapping 10 foot beams using Belbien Architectural Finishes films. Sw 140.

Wrapping 66” inch beams using Belbien Sw 127 Architectural Finishes films

How to repair damaged vinyl

Shelf wrapping

Bull City Designs - 360 view of the warehouse inside