Utility Refrigerators and Rm wraps

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RM wraps is teaming up with Utility. We are coming up with unique designs, motivational, encouragement and empowerment quotes, healthy habit graphics and anything that you would like to see at your school kitchens, lounges, cafeterias and vending machines.

We customize your school designs on any Utility appliance. Do you want us to give you an estimate? Please give us a call at 208-696-1180 or email us at rmwraps@gmail.com


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Justin Smith CFSP

Director of Sales Western Region

Utility Refrigerator  www.utilityrefrigerator.com

Cell 626 993 8754

About Utility Refrigerator


For over 80 years, Utility Refrigerator has endeavored to be a thoroughly reliable, uncompromisingly dependable source of quality refrigeration equipment. We pride ourselves on making equipment the right way, not on cutting corners. Many features that are standard on Utility® products have long been abandoned by our competitors through "Value Engineering". Our quality control program, second to none, has resulted in very satisfied users and equipment that just keeps on running. Our continuing communication is another part of our commitment to our customers. Need information? Have a problem? Want to speak with someone at the factory? Just call us! Nobody does it better. Nobody offers so much quality, reliability, and versatility as Utility Refrigerator. You've tried the rest ...try the best ...Try Utility®