Rm wraps asked Rob if he want his picture in the printed wrap. He said sure and he emailed a photo to me. Rm wraps Photoshop Rob and his wife on the beach.  They love how the little extra bonus I gave them. 


Got it installed everyone loves it one of my good friends that owns Dougs home heating...(Matt HInes) said he wanted me to send your website to him ...he wanted a Harley theme haven't talked to him in about a week my daughter is getting married tomorrow been busy.i will .send pics later but it came out excellent easy to install I used to race dirt cars and with your technology I could of done some cool graphics with you I sent a couple of pics of my last car you will notice I put a standup cardboard of dale Earnhardt in drivers seat ... :).   take care and thanks Rob

Sandy Beach Refrigerator wrap.jpg
Robs Racing car

Robs Racing car