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RM Wraps: Although I have found a number of sites with similar products, none of theirs allow for much customization. I have a very white fridge in my basement. We changed the color of the cabinets from white washed to dark cherry. The theme down there is to make it look like a movie theater lobby. I have a candy counter and all the various décor. I am looking to make the front of the fridge look like a coke dispenser similar to what theaters use where they have multiple carbonated taps. On the side of the fridge next to the counter top, I want to get rid of how white it is and thought if that side looked like beer taps in a row (since I keep all my beers in this fridge) would look cool as well. Let me know if this is do able. I have all the measurements. If you need a pic, I can get you one so you get a better idea of what I’m doing. Steve
— Steve M.

Thank you again Steve and Stephan for having fun with your refrigerator. 

Review on Houzz. 

We recently remodeled our basement and went with dark colors. My white refrigerator stuck out horribly. As a result I wanted to see if I could wrap it with a different color. After googling it, I looked at a number of web sites. The most creative and unique wraps were by RM Wraps. I sent an email to them just to explore if they could do a custom design. I wanted the front of my fridge to look like pop dispensing machine and the exposed side look like a bunch of beer taps. Randy of RM Wraps was so fast and professional that he had perfected my design in about an hour after I got him the dimensions of my fridge and sent him a picture of our fridge. He charged a nominal fee for great custom work and was very fast and responsive. His install videos made the install easy. I now have the coolest fridge. He also matched the colors in our basement. It was a great experience and you can tell that RM Wraps cares about their customers! I give them 6 out of 5 stars! Not a typo! Steve M. of Almont Mich.

If you want a custom design, tell me what you to see on your Refrigerator or Doors. Please have fun with your ideas.

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