J Thompson just installed his Miller Lite can refrigerator wrap and it looks awesome. J requested a name at the bottom of the wrap. Rm wraps added Tupy. Rm wraps wants to have a great customer service with you. Rm wrap is happy that your happy, J.

What would you like on your Doors? What is your passion in life? Do you have a business that you want to put your advertisements on some doors? What are you waiting for? Contact Rm wraps. 

Your wraps are the best, I will recommend them to anybody. Thanks again. J Thompson

Oracal Vinyl. Ideal for general Door wraps over simple to moderate curves and corrugations, conformable Series 3551RA features an advanced air-release liner and a solvent-based, grey-pigmented repositionable adhesive to make smooth application a breeze. Plus this 7-year, 2.75-mil film features a smooth, bright, ultra-glossy surface to produce vivid, life-like prints that can be removed with little or no adhesive residue for up to four years.

Tools you'll need:

squeegee, Heat gun or blow dryer, razor, clean paper towel, 

How to Install a door wrap from Randy Miller Rm wraps
1. Take the door knob off or handle 
2. Clean the door with rubbing alcohol. Clean the edges good. 
3. Take the paper backing down 4-6 inches
4. Tack the vinyl corner of the printed image to the corners of the door
5. Move it where you want it
6. Press the vinyl down
7. Start pulling the paper backing down every 10 inches

8. Press down and Go left to right ( repeat 7 )
9. Take your time working it down.
10. Cut the extra vinyl off around the edges and door knob
11. Last just clean the door wrap with water and your done.

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