1954 Chevy car. Rm wraps wanted to capture the features of the 54 Chevy and add it to the refrigerator. This is Rm wraps new project. Rm wraps is looking for old cars and trucks to take High Quality pictures and Photoshop them together. Can you help Rm wraps find Classic vehicles? Can you take pictures and email Rm wraps. Call me and we can talk. 208-696-1180.

Rm Wraps looking for rustic, rust, old, vintage, clean, chrome, your vehicle, vintage, Style and more. The pictures needs to be 3 megs or higher ( Love to have them 15 megs or raw images). straight on. Can you help Rm wraps. Plus I would love for you to talk about your vehicle and why you love the vehicle. 

Here is some sample what Rm wraps is looking for. 

I found these cars in Emmett Idaho

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