Cinema Playhouse project

Our cinema playhouse is our first submission to the Wish Granters charity to their annual Playhouse Raffle and Auction.  We began construction about a month ago and this project and it’s been a learning process.  But it’s also been great fun, especially working so closely with our family and friends to complete the project.   And it all goes to a great organization that is focused on helping people in our community.    Wish Granters also has many other projects and events that we look forward to participating in over the next year.  And, we have already begun to discuss concepts for next year’s playhouse!


Wish Granters was founded in 2010 to grant Wishes to adults 18 and older who have terminal illnesses and who live in Ada and Canyon counties. We come into the lives of these individuals and give them something to look forward to and something to hold on to, at a time when they need it the most. We also give their families a memory they can have forever.

Wish Granters Inc. 

1365 N. Orchard #252 
Boise, Idaho 83706 
Phone: 208-377-9029 
Fax: 208-322-5432 
Executive Director: Doug Raper 

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The crew that helped build the Cinema Playhouse. Judy, Greg, Randy Miller, Christine, Donnelly, Steve, Dustin.