Custom design refrigerator wrap for Retro Beer Company

Ray from Retro Beer Company email Rm wrap and ask if Retro Beer sends you 4 images, can Rm wraps print them? We sure can. Rm wraps printed and ship it. Fast and easy. 

Do you have a Business or Company that would love to have their Refrigerator or Doors wrapped? 

Thank you for having fun with your fridge and it will help Retro Beer stand out from the crowd. In future if Retro Beer wants to sell your fridge wraps to your loyal customer, they can. It will help brand their company and people will remember and talk about the refrigerator.

We were very happy with the product

We are shifting the purpose behind beer. 100% of profits go to Relay for Life between June - September. Help us make a noticeable difference.


We are three retired friends who believe that giving back to others is what life is all about. Three important values to us are community, generosity, and philanthropy. We believe beer is simply a social vehicle for people to discuss what really matters in life. Beer brings people together to share life, tell stories, and inspire ideas. But what if beer could do more? At Retro Beer company we provide you a high quality craft beer at an attractive price. We exist to provide a partnership platform in which 100% of our profits go back to a local cause. Most importantly we partner with you to shift the purpose behind beer and generously give back to your community.

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