eBay is the best place to sell online and make money. With over 100 million buyers, eBay is one of the world's largest online marketplaces. With so many buyers, eBay gives you the opportunity to find more buyers to pay you more for your items.

Reason No. 1 to sell on eBay: Traffic
We had to put traffic as the top reason to sell on eBay. Few marketplaces can compete with the traffic volume eBay provides. According to eBizMBA Rank, eBay was the eighth most visited site at the beginning of July. Amazon was the only marketplace that ranked higher, coming in at No. 7.

eBizMBA Rank reports that eBay gets 210 million unique visitors every month. That’s a lot of potential buyers, buyers you don’t have to bring to eBay. They already know about it—and they already use it to find what they want. All you have to do is offer quality items, good photos, good prices and provide shoppers with good keywords, so they’ll find your products.

Karen Jentry, an eBay seller of five years, decided to sell scrapbooking supplies on eBay over another marketplace because she knew about the site before she started selling.

“I was a regular buyer on eBay, so I was familiar with the format, and assumed [that] since I was buying a lot there, as were my friends, that it must be a good place to sell,” says the seller known as treasuresandmemories7.

eBay sellers don’t have to worry about setting up or submitting feeds to search engines to drive traffic. Buyers are already there
Jentry, like other eBay sellers, doesn’t have to worry about setting up or submitting feeds to search engines like Google, TheFind or Bing to drive traffic. Buyers are already there.

Just ask yourself how many times a friend has told you she needs to buy something online and what sites she says she’ll check out to make sure she gets a good deal? Odds are eBay is on that list.

Kim Patton, who runs Patton Puzzle Pleasures, says she didn’t expect her business to take off so quickly on eBay when she began selling during her recovery from back surgery.

“It’s grown so much that I can barely keep up,” she notes.

Patton initially began selling puzzles she had completed and no longer needed, but demand was so high she had to look for new ones. She tells us she now has thousands of puzzles in her garage, which she uses as a warehouse.

Reason No. 2 to sell on eBay: Plenty of help
Another reason to sell on eBay is that there are lots of experts out there who have been selling for years and want to share their knowledge, sellers like Danna Crawford, Lynn Dralle, Miriam Otto, John “ColderICE” Lawson, Stephanie Inge, and more. You can also check out sites like Thrifting with the Boys, where sellers Jason Smith and Bryan Goodman share their helpful tips.

And, of course, you’ll find plenty of articles about selling on eBay here on The Online Seller.

Rebecca Miller, an eBay seller of more than 13 years, adds that it’s a good idea to look for an eBay educator in your area when you need selling help. You can do this through the eBay Education Specialist Directory. There, you’ll find a list of scheduled classes and educators who teach those courses.

Miller also suggests hitting up discussion boards to see what gems sellers have gathered over the years.

“But take any advice with a grain of salt,” she continues. She adds that though books might seem like another good source of information, you may want to stick to educational sessions, boards and threads.

“eBay is always changing,” she explains. “Books you buy may be outdated before you even get through the checkout line.”

Reason No. 3 to sell on eBay: Auctions and fixed-price
On eBay, you can use both auction and fixed-price listing formats. Other marketplaces make you choose between one or the other
One of the unique things about eBay is you can list items in both auction and fixed-price formats. Other marketplaces make you choose between one or the other.

Generally, auctions work well for antiques and collectibles, and items you’re not quite sure how to price since auctions let the market dictate the price. Fixed-price work well for items you can easy look up the value of. But to know what really works for your products, you may have to try out both formats. With eBay, you can.

Just be sure you don’t list the same item as both fixed-price and auction at the same time. These could qualify as duplicate listings, which are now against eBay policy.

If you have two similar items and want to see what format works best for them, you can list one as an auction and one as fixed-price. Just make sure the listing titles and descriptions are substantially different to avoid throwing up any duplicate listing red flags.

Reason No. 4 to sell on eBay: Listing sales
We think you’ll like this reason. It will save you money.

You see, eBay has listing sales throughout the year, allowing you to list items with no insertion fee, or for a discounted fee. eBay holds these sales for both auction-style listings and fixed-price in several categories.

When we asked Miller if she likes these sales, her response was: “Free insertion fees… what’s not to like?”

She adds that in her 13 years of selling on eBay, she’s taken advantage of several listing sales, noting that if an item doesn’t sell, she doesn’t worry.

“I think ‘meh,’” Miller adds. It makes sense, she didn’t spend a dime and she can always try reselling the product when another sale pops up.

Reason No. 5 to sell on eBay: Ease of use
Several sellers have told us over the years that eBay is, simply put, easy.

Jentry says that, for her, it was the simplest marketplace to use. To sell, you simply write a description, add a few photos, provide shipping and payment details, and post your listings. You don’t have to do any site maintenance. eBay takes care of it.

You don’t have to design a home page or a checkout flow. eBay has all that in place. You just have to focus on making your listings pop.

And if you list using a third-party eBay tools like Auctiva, you can even create your listings in advance and post them at your convenience. Arlene DeJesus, an eBay seller of more than 10 years, says selling on eBay is a “no brainer.”

“If you want to succeed at generating some extra cash, or even a full-blown business, eBay’s the only way to go,” she says.

Do you sell on eBay? If so, what are your reasons for listing your items in the marketplace? Tell us in the comments below.


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