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Materials Rm wraps uses

Materials Rm wraps uses

Materials Rm wraps uses to wrap refrigerators, doors and trim molding.

Talking about using Photo tex fabric material and high quality Air release vinyl for the door wraps and Refrigerator wraps. 

Photo tex fabric material is a canvas like material with a stick back side that you can reuse numbers of times.

The Vinyl is High quality vinyl with air release, so if you get an air bubble its easy remove it. Just push the air bubble in and it gone. 

I'm using an Hp wide format Latex print. ECO friendly and prints out wonderful, bright colors. 

Rm wraps makes a lot of custom design door wraps and refrigerator wraps and Trim molding wraps.
What would you like to see on your doors? What is your passion in life? 

Photo Tex Fabric material
Photo Tex is a repositionable peel & stick polyester fabric material with an adhesive back. Photo Tex can be installed on virtually any reasonable surface and withstand different climate controls. 

Photo Tex does not peel, rip or wrinkle indoors or outdoors. Photo Tex can be moved and re-applied over and over again.  Our adhesive does not weaken or strengthen over time.. This material is US patented, green and nontoxic.

Oracal Vinyl. Ideal for general Door wraps over simple to moderate curves and corrugations, conformable Series 3551RA features an advanced air-release liner and a solvent-based, grey-pigmented repositionable adhesive to make smooth application a breeze. Plus this 7-year, 2.75-mil film features a smooth, bright, ultra-glossy surface to produce vivid, life-like prints that can be removed with little or no adhesive residue for up to four years.


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Elevator door wraps


Elevator door wraps

Elevator door wraps



Elevator graphics  are a very effective media boasting one of the highest unaided media recall rates at 96%. They are used for corporate branding as an engagement strategy, to communicate brand messages, new product releases, and sponsorships. They are also used for event branding during conferences and expos. Malls and airports are also a popular place to execute an elevator campaign.  Just think of the applications:

  • Corporate branding
    • Engagement strategy
    • Communicating brand messages
    • New product releases
    • Showcase charitable sponsorships
  • Event branding during conferences and expos
  • Malls
  • Airports
  • High Rise Office Buildings
  • Residential Buildings

List of things Rm wraps can do

  1. Custom prints ( high quality prints and Air release vinyl)
  2. Solid High Quality Vinly ( Di-noc - Hexis and other)
  3. Textures vinyls
  4. Short term prints ( 0 -6 mouths) 
  5. Long term prints ( 0 - 7 years)

Save you money Rm wraps can print and ship it to your place. You can install the wrap or have one of your employees do it. 

If you have a lot of  doors to wrap, call Rm wraps at 208-696-1180

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If you have any images or files you want to give to Rm wraps, just click on this image

If you have any images or files you want to give to Rm wraps, just click on this image