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Icebox Vintage refrigerator wrap


Icebox Vintage refrigerator wrap

Icebox Vintage Custom design refrigerator wrap

Icebox Vintage refrigerator wrap
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Ice box refrigerator wrap Front sticker
Refrigerator wrap ice box L side

You finally get an icebox looking fridge. Order the front or the full wrap.

One of a kind refrigerator wrap design. 

I found the vintage Icebox that Rm wraps can use for there Door and refrigerator wraps. 
Make your boring Refrigerator into a vintage looking Icebox. You can buy the front, sides and the top.
Once you order the print, Rm wraps will contact you to make sure to get the measurements right. 

Ideas: If your business works with refrigerated products like eggs, milk, butter, beer, Ect. Wraps your office doors. Rm wraps can a add your logo, name or what ever you want on it. Lets have fun.

More Ideas: If you want to advertise your company at different locations like Bars, Stores, Markets, Etc. with your logo and info on the prints.  The Door or Refrigerator wraps will stand out. 

Iceboxes date back to the days of ice harvesting, which had hit an industrial high that ran from the mid-19th century to the 1930s, when the refrigerator was introduced into the home. Most municipally consumed ice was harvested in winter from snow-packed areas or frozen lakes, stored in ice houses, and delivered domestically as iceboxes became more common.

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