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Artist makes a new way to sell her art work

Artists has a new way of selling their artwork

Brenda Raub

If your an artist, who wants to do something different, like enlarging your artwork and put in on doors and refrigerators, lets team up. 

If your a computer graphic designer, illustrator, fine artist, advertiser, etc. fill out the form and I can start making a webpage for you. Sell the wraps yourself or let RM wraps sell them for you. 

RM wraps design this business, so there is no inventory to store. We design it on the computer and wait until someone buys the wrap. Then we print and ship the wrap to you, or the customer. The artist is not spending a dime on anything. If the artist wants to advertise the product, they can.


RM wraps will help you advertise you artwork. RM wraps can advertise the artist wrap on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter. You can see how many hits you get on your artwork. Just tell RM wraps how much do you want to spend on advertising, just to give you an idea, $5 gets you around 720- 1100 views.

Image Guidelines

  • The best is Tiff, PDF, AI, files. But we can take Jpeg, PNG also
  • The image need to be 3 MB or higher
  • The files will be big and I'll open up my dropbox for you. I'll need your email address for that. 
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Steampunk door wraps with trim molding

Steampunk door wraps with trim molding

You can wrap your door and trim molding with steampunk style. High quality air release vinyl. Rm wraps found this door in a Real ghost town called Silver City, Idaho. Rm wraps add the gears, pipes and extra on it, to make it look more like a steampunk style.

What is Steampunk? Steampunk is old western theme mix with gears, steam pipes, vintage looking gauges, metal, copper pipes, old worn wood, Rustic used look.

Here's the list of steampunk movies. Wild wild west, Sucker Punch, Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow, Around the world in 80 days, Sherlock Holmes 2, Castle in the sky, and more.

There are video games like the famous Myst, Riven. that are steampunk design.