Why wrap your door? It saves time, money, and headaches. Plus its a lot easier to change colors. Randy was a professional painter for 10. His company was called ThinkQ Painting. Randy know how to paint doors and is not fun. Randy is going to show you everything about painting door and then show to how to wrap your door with your best clothes on. Clean and easy. 

Materials you will need to paint a door. Randy just when to Home Depot for the prices. If you want paint your doors, Go for it. Let me help you.

Basic needs

KILZ 2 1-Gallon Primer                                                  $16.98 Link is here

BEHR Premium Plus 1-gallon Hi-Gloss Enamel             $ 29.98 Link is here

ScotchBlue 0.94 in. x 60 yds                                         $ 5.87 Link is here

3M 9 in. x 11 in. Pro Grade 220                                     $ 4.47 Link is here

Sibiu 5-3/4 ft. x 8-3/4 ft. Canvas Drop Cloth                  $ 11.98 Link is here

Wooster Pro 4 in. x 3/8 in. High Density Woven Mini Roller Cover and Frame    $5.34  Link is here

Wooster Pro 4 in. x 3/8 in. High Density Woven Mini Roller Covers (2-Pack)      $5.36 Link is here

Wooster Shortcut 2 in. Nylon/Polyester Angle Sash Brush                                  $5.47 Link is here

 Linzer 9 in. Metal Roller Tray                                         $3.24 Link is here

3M Tekk Protection N95 Particulate Respirator             $1.97 Link is here


Old Clothes ????

Garage or empty room.

One Saturday  

Screwdriver to take off your door and door handle.

Step 1: Remove the Door and Clean

Remove the door before painting. Use a slot screwdriver to remove the hinge pins and then remove the other half of the hinge from the door. The door will be heavy, so get help to lift it onto some sawhorses.

Remove all the hardware off the door, including the door knocker, peephole and doorknob.

Wash and allow the door to dry before painting.

Step 2: Prep the Door

Patch cracks in the door with a quick-drying wood filler. When it is dry, sand the filler smooth so that it is flush with door.

Step 3: Apply Primer

If the existing paint is in good condition, no primer is necessary. However, if you are using a dark color like red, it's advisable to use a primer first.

Prime all six sides of the door, including the inside, the outside, the left and right edges and the top and bottom. Any surfaces not primed will absorb moisture. Let dry completely.

If the door's surface still has cracks, fill them with caulk . Let the caulk dry and re-prime the spot.

Use a fine-grit sandpaper, such as 180 grit, to smooth the surface and remove any paint drips particularly in the crevices of the panels. Use an old paintbrush or a tack rag to brush off the dust from sanding.

Step 4: Paint the Door

Start painting with an angled sash brush, painting the corners of the panels first (raised or recessed). Work from the top panels down to the lowest. Don't use too much paint or let the paint puddle.

Use a roller to apply the paint to the raised panels, rolling with the grain of the wood. The paint the muntins (top and then bottom), transoms (top, middle, bottom) and finish with the stiles.

Paint the door with several coats, continuing to use the angle brush first and then the roller. The darker the color, the more coats that will be needed.

Now if you want a glass finishes you will need: 

HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Paint Sprayer          $69.97    

Here are some Great video's on How to's

How much does it cost to paint a door?

 $90.52 - $158.52


Now - How to wrap your door

You will need:

Retractable Utility Knife, Screwdriver, Rubbing alcohol to clean the door, Clean Rug, 20 minutes to Install the Door wrap. 

How to Install a door wrap from Randy Miller - Ar wraps

1. Take the door knob off

2. Clean the door with rubbing alcohol.

3. Take the paper backing down 4 inches

4. Tack the vinyl corner of the printed image to the corners of the door

5. Move it where you want it

6. Press the vinyl down

7. Start pulling the paper backing down every 10 inches

8. Take your time working it down.

9. Cut the extra vinyl off around the edges and door knob

10. Last just clean the door wrap with water and your done.